Added Options for 6x2 Liftable Pusher Axle


Mack trucks now offers Automatic Standby Mode as an option for its 6x2 liftable pusher axle available on Mack Pinnacle highway models, a feature which simplifies operations by eliminating the need for the driver to manually push buttons to initiate standby mode.“The Mack Pinnacle 6x2 with liftable pusher axle model really helps those customers in bulk haul applications save on fuel because sensors lift or lower the axle to decrease or increase traction, providing better performance and ride,” Roy Horton, Mack director of product strategy, says. 

When the ignition is off, Automatic Standby equalizes the suspension pressure, prevent- ing the rear axle from being overloaded. All of this is done without input from the driver.

In addition, three driver-selectable traction control modes are available:

  • Enhanced Traction – Enhances low- speed traction for improved starts, dock- ing and slippery road conditions.

  • Optimized Traction – The default setting,Optimized Traction maximizes load to the drive axle. If wheel slip is detected, the system can temporarily increase load to the drive axle for 30 seconds to provide improved traction.

  • Basic Traction – Lowers the lift axle regardless of suspension load and maintains a 50/50 load split between the lift axle and drive axle during loading or unloading, prolonged stops or areas that require 50/50 load splits between tandem axles.

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