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Even if you can’t see the Bulldog hood ornament or the Mack logo, when the new Mack Anthem rolls down the highway, you know it’s a Mack truck.

While the sleek design is stunning in a robust, muscular way, there’s no doubt about its storied heritage.

“This is clearly a Mack truck with the Mack lineage and the Mack heritage in the design,” says Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales for North America.

“In addition, it’s still extremely functional and slippery from an aerodynamic standpoint. It definitely stands out, and that’s what Mack does.”

Randall believes that you can tell just by looking at the truck that a lot of thought went into the design and development. “It’s going to stand out among a world of me too-ers in the market today,” he adds.

The new Anthem has a bold look, but is also aerodynamic. It boasts up to a 1.5 percent increase in fuel economy in Day Cab configuration and 3 percent in sleeper models. This is done by displacing air to the side as well as over the truck’s hood and roof, and is possible because of the hood slope and fender design, as well as other enhancements. Customers are looking for more fuel efficiency and improved aerodynamics, according to Mack’s research. 

Yet, says John Walsh, vice president of global marketing and brand management, “It does not sport that ‘jelly bean’ look found in most traditional aerodynamic tractors. It’s got big, broad shoulders, but is still aerodynamic. It’s an incredibly fuel-efficient truck.”

Stu Russoli, highway product manager, points out that the Anthem is very structural. “There are a lot of vertical and horizontal lines. You might not think of it as aerodynamic when you first see it, but if you study it closer you will see how sleek it really is.”

One aerodynamic enhancement is a bumper close-out flange that closes off air-flow between the bumper and the hood. The truck’s doors also have a streamlined design, and the air intake vent improves air flow for greater efficiency. The grille also increases air flow to the radiator.

The adjustable fairing on the 70-inch Stand Up sleeper improves air flow from the cab to the trailer.

Hood mirrors reduce wind resistance by using a single strut instead of a tripod design. Mirror mounts are spring-loaded so they rotate when hit.

Side mirrors fold on impact to prevent damage as well.

Air Products, a 600-truck day cab fleet out of Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, gave feedback on the new truck, saying they love the higher mounted mirrors for the way they look and the improved visibility they offer.  

Covered tow loops also cut down on wind resistance and the optional air dam reduces turbulence under the truck, decreasing drag.

The standard three-piece bumper helps lower replacement costs in the event of an accident.

The hood has a three-piece design, which helps with replacement costs, and also uses a single point latch for releasing the hood, similar to the typical car. To open the hood, the driver simply pushes the lever sideways, which releases the latches, then grabs the Bulldog hood ornament and lifts the hood. The hood requires 50 percent less effort to open than previous models.

As a customer from Highway Transport, a 300-truck fleet out of Knoxville, Tennessee, says, “The hood latch is not old school anymore.”

Jeffrey Creech, regional manager for fleet maintenance with C&S Wholesale Grocers, a fleet with 2,100 trucks out of Keene, New Hampshire, says he loves the new entry grab handles. The flatter, more ergonomic design of the proprietary grab handles coupled with extruded metal ridges help keep drivers’ hands from slipping as they enter and exit the truck.

Headlamps, turn signals, fog and roof lights are all LEDs, making the headlights 66 percent brighter than traditional bulbs with improved visibility. LEDs produce a whiter light that is closer to daylight and produce a wider beam pattern.

Lukas Yates, Mack’s chief engineer, says, “With the LED headlamps, drivers will notice a lot better vision at night.”

This new head turner has garnered praise from all the customers who have previewed the Anthem. 

“Anthem’s exterior exceeded expectations. It has the heritage of a Mack, ties into the past glory, but leads the future. I couldn’t be more proud of this team,” says Dennis Slagle, president of Mack Trucks.  

See what else customers had to say:

“I like how it’s tall and robust. It’s very aggressive and looks heavy-duty. The mirror hoods are well designed.”

Jeffrey Creech, regional manager for
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Keene, New Hampshire

“Great redesign. Makes the statement, ‘Built like a Mack Truck’ come true!”

Mark Warsofsky, president
of M&M Transport Service,
West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

“It looks fuel efficient. I can’t wait to see it on the road.” 

David Allison, president of Alan Ritchey Inc., Valley View, Texas

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