Anthem Reactions

Upon seeing the Anthem for the first time, customers, dealers and Mack employees have described it as bold, strong, authentic, classic, legendary, sharp, powerful, and one unsurprising word that came up time and again: badass. 

Customers are equally enthusiastic.

“This will put Mack back in the sleeper category. It makes the statement ‘Built Like a Mack Truck’ come true.”

Mark Warsofsky, president of M&M Transport Service, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Stu Russoli, Mack's highway product manager, echoes what customers say. “The truck screams strong and authentic. When you see it, it’s a head-turner.” Randy Maddox, with Adams Products of Asheville, North Carolina, agreed.

“A beautiful piece of machinery. Machine and man together creates an aggressive and powerful look to it.” 

Randy Maddox, Adams Products, an OldCastle company, Asheville, North Carolina

The one drawback?

“My only problem is once I buy one, the whole fleet is going to want me to buy one for them to drive.”

Jose Castro, owner/president of JC Express, Fresno, Texas  

It was clear to those customers who previewed the truck that drivers influenced the design from bolts to bunk.

“You can tell Mack went out to drivers and asked them what they wanted. You guys got it right, and I can’t wait to order some trucks.”

Tom Hassel, president of Tom Hassel Transport, Point Pleasant, New Jersey 

Hassel’s thumbs up was a refrain heard from fleet managers and drivers alike.

“It’s going to be the sharpest truck on the road.”

Brian Rushton, vice president of asset management for Clean Harbors, Norwell, Massachusetts

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