The Power of a Mack

More than a century after we invented the integrated powertrain, we’re still setting the gold standard. All our powertrain components are designed to work together for optimum performance, increased fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Here's how our integrated powertrain is the toughest in the game.

Mack MP Engines

With horsepower, torque and great fuel economy, Mack's MP engines are renowned across the trucking industry.

In addition to fuel efficiency improvements from aerodynamics, Mack MP engines provide an additional 2 - 9% improvement. How? Here are just a few factors:

1) Common Rail Fuel System: This direct injection system delivers ultra-precise control over fuel injection pressure, timing and volume. The result is more power and efficiency, with less engine noise.

2) Wave Piston Design: By adding small waves to the piston bowl, the engine can burn fuel more efficiently.

3) Turbocompounding: The MP8-TC engine with turbocompounding captures lost energy and converts it to power, burning up to 9% less fuel in highway applications.

4) ClearTech One: Our re-engineered exhaust aftertreatment system is designed for MP series engines and features a sophisticated new design that delivers near-zero emissions and low maintenance in a lighter, more compact unit. 

Mack Transmissions

Mack transmissions are designed to work seamlessly with Mack MP engines and axles so there’s no question of compatibility or performance. 

With the mDRIVE™ automated manual transmission, there’s no clutch pedal, and shifting is operated by intelligent software and engine integration. It continuously monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, combined vehicle weight and air resistance to optimize fuel economy on every drive.

Struggling with driver turnover? This transmission makes it simple and comfortable to drive, opening up staffing to a larger pool of drivers.

"A lot of our drivers say, ‘I want to be able to shift the gears myself,’ but the drawback is that your fatigue levels increase. The truck will do most of the work for you. You don't have to out-think it, all you have to do is drive."

Kevin Mays, V McGee Trucking

Mack Axles

Our reputation for rugged reliability is built on the strength of our axles. Their advanced designs and engineering means improved fuel efficiency, greater performance and a smoother ride.

"I’m not saying we abuse them, but we work them hard. I don’t know if there’s another truck out there that will take that kind of a beating."

Dan Alderfer, H&K Group


Mack Suspensions

Durable, reliable components meet state-of-the-art engineering for suspensions that are fuel-efficient and reduce wear and maintenance costs.



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